image of woad-dyed painting Ant Pair II, showing two stylised ants facing in opposite directions, in white out of blue. Robin Paris - artist dyer

My dyed paintings are created using hot wax resist with woad (indigo) and other natural dyes (formerly I worked with synthetic dyes). Inspiration for my art comes from the richness of the Cornish countryside around me, with influences from overseas travels. Nature, environment, cultural heritage and sense of place feature strongly in my work, as do allegory, design, texture and pattern.

Since 1992 I have lived in Cornwall, working out of my Bodmin Moor studio and exhibiting locally, across Britain and internationally. I run resist-dyeing and natural-dyeing courses and workshops for adults, schools and community groups, as well as historical and arts organisations. I also offer talks and lectures.

Concern for our planetary future encourages me to continually research and assess my materials and processes, including endeavours to minimise, or circumvent, waste. With artistic themes inspired by the natural world it is fitting that my practice is also immersed in nature.