About Robin Paris

Exhibiting Textile Artist

  • 1992-
    • Themed solo exhibitions in galleries in Cornwall, Devon, Plymouth, London and Germany, including Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth and the Indian King Arts Centre, Cornwall.
    • Group exhibitions in public and private galleries and other venues in Cornwall, Devon, across Britain and overseas, including Rugby Art Gallery, Warwickshire; Burton Art Gallery, Devon; Terre Verte, Cornwall; Cube3 Gallery, Plymouth.
    • Artworks in public collections including Royal Cornwall Hospital, Truro, Cornwall, and in private collections across Britain and around the world.
    • Prize winner at Black Swan Arts Open (2004), Farnham Maltings Open (1992). Professional development awards from Arts Council South West, Creative Skills Cornwall, North Cornwall Arts, North Cornwall District Council and RANE (Falmouth University).

Tutor and Speaker

  • 1996-
    • Resist and natural dyeing workshops for adults and children; in schools, colleges, museums, galleries, community groups, and arts and environmental organisations.
    • Workshops in natural dyeing especially woad (indigo), combined with resist (2010 on). Up until 2010, workshops used fibre-reactive dyes in a batik process.
    • Powerpoint talks and lectures for art groups and educational establishments on my work, inspiration, creativity, techniques and research.


  • 2004-06
    • Postgraduate Certificate in Education (post 16), Plymouth University, Devon.
  • 1980-83
    • Diploma in Integrated Design (Graphic Design), Ealing College of Higher Education, London.
  • 1979-80
    • Foundation Art and Design, Wolverhampton Polytechnic, West Midlands.


  • 2013-
    • Art-research project Reading the Land, analysing patterns built into the Bodmin Moor landscape by our ancestors, through field work and observation. Interpreting findings into designs and artwork for exhibition; paintings resist-dyed in woad and other natural dyes, on linen.
  • 2006-12
    • Research and analysis of materials, processes and working environment used in my practice, with articles published in the Batik Guild Magazine 2006-09. Water and energy use logged, analysed and reduced, alongside carbon and planetary footprints.
  • 2004-06
    • PGCE research into traditional ecological knowledge, ancient wisdom, and sustainability through education in the arts (Plymouth University).

Publications (Visual)

  • 1995-
    • Commissioned and reproduced artwork in books, magazines, conference literature, and exhibition catalogues, including front cover images. Recent publications include:
      • Explorations in Art, elementary school art textbook by Marilyn G Stewart and Eldon Katter (Davis Publications, MA, USA. 2018, 2008). One image.
      • In the Light of Evolution V: Cooperation and Conflict, conference supplement and book for the Arthur M Sackler Colloquium (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA. 2011-12). Front cover image.
      • Textiles Now, book on contemporary textile design by Drusilla Cole (Laurence King, London, UK. 2008). Two images.
      • Batik Transitions: from classic to contemporary, exhibition catalogue and batik resource (Batik Guild, UK. 2006). One image.

Publications (Verbal)

  • 2006-09
    • Research into history, production, science, environmental impact and life-cycle of materials used in batik (beeswax, soda ash, cotton). Published in Batik Guild Magazine, nos 59, 60, 61, 63, 64, 67, by the Batik Guild, UK.
  • 2003
    • Exhibition review, Batik 2003… Art in Motion, at the Museum of Industry, Labour and Textiles (MIAT), Ghent, Belgium. Published in Embroidery Magazine 54, by the Embroiderers Guild, UK.


  • 1994-
    • Batik Guild UK. Committee roles include website designer (1999-2001) and regional rep (1997-99). Other contributions include proof reader (2006) and exhibition organiser (2000).
  • c2000-
    • a-n Artist