Web Design by Robin Paris

Still a beginner on HTML5 and CSS3 I am aware there is more to learn and get my head around…

To create this site I learned hand-coding of HTML5, CSS3, and the fundamentals of responsive web design from Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3 by Ben Frain (a brilliant book), and Sam's Teach Yourself HTML, CSS and Javascript by Julie C Meloni. Assisted by great resources on the internet including w3.org (of course), w3schools.com, css-tricks.com, caniuse.com, and Autoprefixer. My favourite resource was CSS Colors by w3schools.com.

My earlier knowledge of HTML4 and CSS came from Elizabeth Castro's books and was used for my old websites. This gave a good foundation for progression to the new standards. It would be unfair to not acknowledge also tutors on my design course at Ealing College, London in the 1980s, who imbibed in me a lifelong love of typography.