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Screen Printing

Image of screenprint by Robin Paris, showing stylised flower in pink, beige and black on a white background, inspired by floor tile at Lanhydrock House. Created on Sophie Fordham's course.Last year I joined a relief and screen printing course run by printmaker Sophie Fordham for Cornwall Adult Education. Great fun and inspiring with an informative and useful range of techniques covered. Since college days I have screen printed only once or twice and in a limited and rusty way, so taking this course refreshed and advanced me in current methods and materials.

As well as screen prints (flower print) we cut lino for printing (spider print), and carved into small rubbers to make stamps (fly print). I still have my lino tools from college days, always sensing that one day I'd like to use them again!

Image of a lino print by Robin Paris, showing a stylised Wasp Spider on its web. The spider has a yellow, black and white striped abdomen, and orange and black striped legs. Created on Sophie Fordham's course.Some of the designs and artwork emerging in Reading the Land are not easily expressed in hot wax and seem more suitable for printing. Molten hot wax requires fast working with fluid design; printmaking designs also can be fluid but the technique allows more precision and control, which is what I need for these designs. Not to say printmaking is easy - two of my screen prints failed, due (retrospectively) to not taking enough care in the preparation stages, and the flower one here has craftsmanship errors. The lino and rubber stamp prints also have technical errors, but it's ok for a workshop production where time is traded against perfection! My intention with Reading the Land is to screen print some imagery with clay resist and mordant pastes before dyeing, techniques I first used in a 2011 natural dye workshop with Michel Garcia.

Image showing parts of two sheets with repeat print of a stylised fly, by Robin Paris. Printed with carved rubber stamp (also displayed), the fly is repeat-stamped in black over rows and columns but facing different directions at random. One sheet with white background, one with mustard background. Created on Sophie Fordham's course.I am back working on the website, and should have some more pictures and content up soon. I had to move house suddenly a year ago; it was a very disruptive time and studio space has been and still is limited. But throughout 2017 and this year field research work for Reading the Land has progressed really well and I'm excited and happy with the way the project is coming together.

March 2018

Publish or Be Damned!

The news is the website… or rather, its start. More images and content are coming which I'll add as I can, and the design and coding need tweaking too. First got a job from my neighbours to see to, so may be a little delay.

The learning curve needed for making a responsive website compared to the static web design I already knew is Big Big Big. When coding up my previous website (HTML4/CSS1) there were only a few browsers and screen sizes to consider and they all pretty well rendered websites similarly and acceptably. But creating a site that adapts to all of today's variables has seen me get (or try to) my head around all sorts of new concepts in HTML5 and CSS3 (flexbox, media queries, semantic tags, ems and rems over pixels, viewports, browser vendor prefixes, and Aria is still to come).

And then, while the site works fine in MY browser, testing on another platform or browser sometimes shows up "bugs". For three weeks I tried to solve why Internet Explorer tears the layout apart when the screen size is adjusted. Now I think publish and be damned! Sorry to IE fans but the neighbours' job awaits. I will get back to the website in a few weeks.

March 2017