Natural Dye, Resist and Batik Workshops for Schools - Robin Paris

I offer exciting natural dye workshops for children to experience creative, technical and research activities, and for teachers to admire the many curriculum areas covered: art, design and technology, science, maths, history, geography, English, IT…

Up to ten pupils work directly with me at any one time on creative and dyeing activities, to maximise their engagement, enjoyment and learning. Rotational sessions assist with drying of fabric between stages.

The rest of the class research the day's materials and techniques, individually or in groups, later presenting their findings. They investigate the source, production and trade of the materials, the history, geography, biology and science behind them. These projects, set by me but carried out under teacher supervision, enable a holistic approach to the day's workshop and encourage ecological literacy.

Creative themes fitting with current schoolwork can be incorporated, where practicable.

Recent workshops

  • 2014
    • Rust and Tannin Dyeing with Hot Wax Resist. Year 6 school workshop, Berrycombe Primary School, Bodmin, Cornwall